St. John’s River Grille


Our Goal at the St John’s River Grille is to serve delicious, locally-sourced, “Fresh from Florida” meals in an affordable and environmentally-conscious manner. Welcome to the ‘Old Florida’ cooking and new school remodel of the St. John’s River Grille. At St. John’s River Grille, we strive to provide the best customer service in the business as well as having outstanding, freshly prepared food that we all know and love down here in Florida. We are also gearing up to introduce our weekly event nights including bike night, karaoke, country western night, and live music every weekend. ​ With our full liquor bar, live music, menu and attention to conservation we are looking to be the newest hot-spot in town. As well, our boaters and campers will enjoy this fantastic amenity.

One of the largest fresh water marinas in the southeastern United States, St. John’s Marina & Resort in DeLand, Florida, is situated on the 330-mile long St. John’s River, directly across from the Ocala National Forest.
St. John’s Marina South is an active, full service marina on the St. Johns River diagonally across from St. John’s Marina & Resort. The marina site is 12.3 acres with an additional 21.75 acre island on the St. Johns River.
Welcome to Paradise


St. John’s Marina & Resort offers a number of different vessel rentals to offer visitors the ultimate St. Johns River experience. There is nothing quite like cruising down the St. Johns River, taking in all the wonder and beauty nature has to offer. Take a dip in the water, throw in a fishing pole, or find a local hot-spot (like the St. John’s River Grille…)